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Copilot X X-Plane to GPS
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"I don't like spending money on apps, but this one was worth it. Most useful for punching in all the numbers at the beginning of a flight. Also great for control outside of cockpit view."

"One of the best ideas for X-Plane so far - manipulating switches and radio knobs by commands through voice recognition is a brilliant and useful idea."

"Wow, I can finally tune radios! This app is incredibly useful..."

A must have for saving time vs. mouse, left/right, clicking, etc. I guarantee you will love this one!"

Version 2.1 is out, featuring FMS/GPS management!
"Great! Works perfect with X-Plane 10 and the free Avare EFB on my Android tablet."

"Great work! It just works, no set-up, no lag, no useless feature. Thank you!"

"Great App! This is a great little app and is very easy to setup, especially under X-Plane 10. This app saved me hundreds of dollars by allowing me to use X-Plane (rather than actual flying) to try out several aviation apps for my Nexus 7."
"Every X-Plane pilot should buy this."

"Well worth the few pennies they ask for."

"This app does what it promises to do and does it well."

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