Copilot X Privacy Policy

Copilot X requests 3 permissions:


This is necessary so that the app can send instructions to the PC that is running X-Plane.


Copilot X reads voice commands and therefore must be able to access the audio capability of your Android device. Audio is only recorded when the push-to-talk button is pressed, and it is sent directly to Google's speech-to-text service... the app does not have access to the audio stream.


The user may optionally provide their own command files, so the app must be able to read them from the device's external storage location.

Privacy Statement

Copilot X does not capture or transmit any information to a third party based upon the usage of the application. All user commands are handled, transmitted to X-Plane, and forgotten. In the future Appropel may collect generic information about used commands for analytic purposes, but we will never collect any information tied to a specific user.